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How St. Louis Produce Box was Born

How St. Louis Produce Box was born…

You may be wondering “Why did we wait until the world shut down with quarantine to start ordering produce delivery?” The answer is simply, most people didn’t think of it.

Our company was born in the middle of the pandemic, and kind of unintentionally. The owners, Kathryn and Matthias, both have their own full-time jobs and are also full-time parents with a lot on their plate. 

Matthias’ dad, Vince, owns a wholesale produce company, VMP Produce, on Produce Row in downtown St. Louis. Produce Row is where almost all grocers and stores in St. Louis get their produce from. There are multiple wholesale produce companies of all sizes on produce row, and it’s not a place people can walk through to buy one or two items. This is a vendor produce market, so they only deliver to stores (or in our case, your front door).

During the pandemic lockdown stages of “every grocery store is out of everything,” Kathryn and Matthias’ friends got clever and inquired about the produce company Vince owned. They began asking Kathryn and Matthias to deliver boxes of Vince’s produce to their house. There was no need to leave the house with a deadly virus out and about. No need to go to the grocery store and fight over produce or wait outside in a mile-long line while the store is at capacity. 

That’s when the lightbulb went off for the couple, and St. Louis Produce Box was born. 

St. Louis Produce Box offers fresh, seasonal produce that varies weekly. Boxes range in size from mini to family and add-ons of produce and local goods are available. There are also vegetable or fruit only boxes available.

Since then, they have made it their mission to supply healthy food to the peple of St. Louis and the surrounding areas, while also giving back with produce donations.

St. Louis Produce Box matches all donations to food pantries in the area. They have also started an affiliate fundraising program for businesses in the area with similar missions of keeping people healthy, taking care of other people and animals and quality of life. With these affiliates, their customers are provided a coupon code which gives them 5 percent off their order with St. Louis Produce Box, and 2 percent of the sale is donated back to their specific organization.

If you’re noticing a theme, St. Louis Produce Box isn’t about the money. It’s about the lifestyle. We believe if you eat good, you feel good and you will do good. We want our community to invest in their quality of life and prioritize their health, safety and happiness.

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