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Did You Know? Produce Fun Facts

Did you know that humans and bananas have 60 percent of the same DNA? That’s truly bananas.

Did you know that strawberries and raspberries aren’t actually berries, but bananas are? These are the fun facts you need to know to stump your friends in trivia and write in your kid’s lunch notes.

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Now we can share all these fun facts with you as a reward.


  • Pineapples got their name because they are shaped like pine cones.
  • Humans and bananas have 60% of the same DNA.
  • Bananas and eggplants are considered berries because they have seeds on the inside.
  • Strawberries and raspberries aren’t technically berries because they have seeds on the outside.
  • Figs are inverted flowers and are pollinated by wasps instead of bees.
  • Potatoes are 80% water.
  • The average ear of corn has an even number of rows.
  • Ripe cranberries will bounce.
  • Baby carrots are big carrots cut down to the smaller size.
  • Cucumbers are 90% water and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, support eye health and detoxify the body.
  • Mushrooms can decrease the risk of breast cancer because they contain aromatase inhibitors.
  • Bananas are curved because they grow toward the sunlight.
  • Eating foods with high lycopene content, like tomatoes, can make you less susceptible to sunburn.
  • Potatoes were the first vegetable grown in space.

Did any of these surprise you? Or is all of this rookie information that you have know for years? Stump us with some of your favorite food fun facts below! 

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