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Android Application Development.

Big word, hundreds of meanings. I would like to break it down into three categories:

One. Retail Android Applications for Customers

Two. Business Process Android Applications

Three. Web Applications designed for Mobile Devices.

Retail Applications for Customers

These are apps that are downloaded from someplace like the Android Market for Google or the Amazon App Store. These apps are great for branding and customer retention. A restaurant can display their menu, with full pictures and a detailed description. A small business can affordable display their contact information. All of this is done with the users permission and giving your business another location on every cell phone and tablet. These apps can be complicated or simple. They can be privately promoted with a QR code(the little square image you see on everything now) or made public for everyone to download the app. Have a great idea for an app? Contact us and we can develop the app for you and you keep all the revenue it generates

Business Process Applications

Does you company use carbon-less forms? How often do people have to type the same data into different systems? The new generation of tablets provide a cost effective way of instantly transferring data through a business. People that directly contact customers can input data into your system and it will be instantly available to the entire company. This means that your company will be faster and smarter. It's not about looking cool anymore, it's about making more money. Tablet and smart-phones can be used to streamline business operation and reduce bottom line cost Also, do you have a fleet of vehicles that is dispatched from a single point? We build apps that allow you to manage any size company from one tablet or computer. The app can record data by GPS, bids, location, or anything you wanted to track.

Web Applications designed for Mobile Device

This is a new way of thinking for mobile devices. The thought is simple, don't build an app for every possible smart-phone, build a web app that looks good and works well on every device. The user of the phone or tablet may not realize that they are not using an internal application. Although these type of apps are much less costly, they have the drawback that the user must be connected to the internet the entire time they are using it.

As you can see this field is constantly changing and growing. The options are endless, which is why you need a guide / Sherpa to help you find the correct path for your company. If you have read our about us page or our services page, then you know we offer free no obligation quotes. It cost nothing but a little time to talk about the options, see our Contact us page for all of the ways to get a hold of us, or 314.968.0500

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