Pupillo Group is an independent company owned and operated by Matthias and Kathryn Pupillo. A husband and wife team that has been working together for over a decade. We have worked on hundreds of projects, built thousands of web pages and have been nominated for Best Web Design Firm in St. Louis for the last two years. They did not have an award for that before then.

The two words most often used to describe Pupillo Group: Experienced and Qualified

In web design, there are many people that claim they have done many things, Pupillo Group can actually back these claims up. Look for yourself, using Google Analytics as an independent way to confirm. Google Analytics is the premiere web stats software on the web. Every person that has an account is assigned a number when their account is created. These numbers are today, a track record of how long you have been in business. Our account number is 254,110. If you were to sign-up for an account the new numbers begin in the 23,000,000 range. We have been producing web sites before 22.75 million people. Experience is what we bring to the table, building web sites since 1999.

Our qualifications come from the wide range of projects that we have worked on. With so many clients in so many industries we have built a web site for almost every industry. A web designer needs to be an expert in all things Internet as well as an expert in business strategies and planning. Kathryn is an MBA and I am a Geek. The best of both business and programming.

Why we do what we do.

Although it sounds cliché, we are in business to help other businesses succeed. We have helped many companies achieve success with their web sites. It is the only reason we exist. We believe strongly in the success of our clients. In a business world full of people “just doing their job”, we take pride in the results of the projects we complete for our clients.
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